Free Period Products On Campus

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Did you know that lack of access to menstrual hygiene products is a real public health issue that roughly 10% of college-aged women deal with1? Period Poverty2, aka when people who menstruate experience lack of access to menstrual products like pads or tampons, is an issue on the global, national, and local front. When we have consistent access to menstrual products, we may not even think about it; grabbing a pad, tampon, or other menstrual product is just a part of our monthly healthcare routine. We may not even give it a passing thought! But having consistent and easy access to menstrual products is increasingly becoming a privilege for those who can afford them, or safely access and use them. Even without the hotly-contested “Tampon Tax” here in Minnesota, many folks will still struggle to access enough menstrual products necessary to replace them every 4-8 hours as recommended by The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists3


Having a period shouldn’t mean worrying about being able to afford and safely access menstrual products, especially while you’re in college! And reliable access to period products is a key element in the overall health and wellbeing of anyone who menstruates. There are many offices on campus that provide free menstrual supplies for community members in need. Currently, you can access free menstrual supplies through the following offices/departments:

Additionally, for the remainder of Spring Term, we will be piloting new “Menstruation Stations” in 4 restrooms across campus for further free access to menstrual products. Containers of free pads and tampons are located in the following restroom locations:

  • CdC Family Restroom and Women’s Restroom (both located on the 4th floor across from Lactation Room CdC 490)
  • Fontbonne, 2nd Floor Restroom across from Room 116
  • Whitby, 3rd Floor Restroom across from Room 314

If you would like to share feedback or provide comments and suggestions on future locations for Menstruation Stations on campus, please take our feedback survey by scanning the QR code located on the Menstruation Station containers. 

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3: The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists